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Explore first-hand guides from a travel-loving family, featuring UNESCO sites, road-trips, city breaks and many other curiosities we’ve found on our adventures.

Ben, Becca & Grace.

Hi, we’re the Reeves

We’ve been travelling as a couple for over 15 years, and now have another little explorer along for the adventure.

Becca is a fun-loving open bus top connoisseur, who has an incredible talent for booking cheap, but unforgettable accommodation.

Ben is a hyper-organised, UNESCO-collecting travel geek, who spent heaps of time in Africa as a kid.

And little Grace – well, she’s at her happiest when the camp has a bouncing pillow and the route includes a beach.

becca and grace in strahan

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Experience a new type of vacation, visit the Land of the Rising Sun,
or treat yourself to a city break in 2024.



Discover uncommon stories, places and objects from over 20 years of travel.



Experience luxury and some of the rarest creatures on earth whilst bouncing from island to island.

Discover uncommon stories, places and objects from over 20 years of travel.

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