Axe Throwing Melbourne: The Best Spots Compared

  • Axe Throwing is rapidly growing in popularity as a leisure activity
  • There are four axe throwing venues in Melbourne
  • It takes 1-2 hours to complete a game
  • Costs range from $35-$55 per person to play

Having been tasked with booking last year’s Christmas night out for work, I happened upon a new trend in Melbourne – axe throwing!

You heard it right.

Like darts, but more axey, like lawn bowls but more, well actually nothing like lawn bowls at all but then axe throwing is a rather unique pursuit!

There weren’t many guides to the axe-throwing venues of Melbourne so I thought I’d do some research and throw (yes, I did make this pun) one together.

So here we go – a guide to the best axe-throwing venues in Melbourne.


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The Best Axe Throwing Venues in Melbourne

I put together this quick map so you can see all the current axe-throwing venues in Melbourne in one place. As expected, most of them are in or around the CBD, but there is one further north in Brunswick and just southeast of the city in Abbotsford.

All Axe Throwing Venues in Melbourne Compared

DetailsLumber PunksManiax CBDManiax AbbotsfordValhalla
Open7 Days7 Days7 Days6 Days (Closed Mon)
Session Length90 mins60 mins60 mins120 mins
Lanes1912 + 2 group5 + 5 group10
LocationSouth MelbourneMelbourne CBDAbbotsfordBrunswick
WebsiteClick HereClick HereClick HereClick Here
*these are showing the cheapest version available, please visit the website to see full details of packages

Lumber Punks

Lumber Punks is Melbourne’s biggest axe-throwing venue with 19 lanes built into the old Coca-Cola factory in South Melbourne.

Lumber Punks opened in 2017 and was the third venue in the nation with Brisbane and Perth opening before it and the lanes in Sydney opening afterwards.

South Melbourne is a fantastic part of town to make an afternoon or evening of it, with the amazing South Melbourne market nearby as well as a whole host of cafes and restaurants very close. If you’re going for a morning or lunchtime session can I make a personal vouch for The Old Paper Shop Deli on Clarendon Street, I’ve eaten here dozens of times when I worked in South Melbourne and have never been let down.

82-86 Clarke Street, South Melbourne
Opening Hours
7 days
5 sessions a day
90 mins a session
Sessions are at 11am | 1pm | 3pm | 5pm | 7pm
From $35-$45 a person depending on group size

Maniax Melbourne CBD

Maniax is the largest and longest-running axe throwing company in Australia having opened in Sydney in 2014.

This is a big venue, which can house up to 300 people meaning getting a slot should be fairly easy. They’ve also turned it into a full night out destination with a licensed bar (which can only be used AFTER throwing the metal – a good call!) and pizzas and other food available to order.

Basement, 121 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD
Opening Hours
7 days
10am-10pm Mon-Thurs
10am-11pm Fri
9am-11pm Sat
10am-9pm Sun
60 mins a session
From $49, 2 for 1 available on Mondays

Maniax Abbotsford

Maniax Abbotsford is the cheapest venue on this list for a ‘quick chuck’ and is located only 100m from Collingwood train station, so is easy to access.

It’s smaller than the other venues, with five small party lanes and five group lanes (which have two targets) on site.

Like the Maniax in Melbourne CBD there is a licensed bar on site here, with this one serving beers from local Abbotsford brewery Moon Dog, alongside the regular booze.

19-21 Russel Street, Abbotsford
Opening Hours
7 days
2pm-9pm Mon
12pm-9pm Tues-Fri
9am-9pm Sat/Sun
60 mins a session
From $40, 2 for 1 available on Mondays


valhalla axe throwing melbourne

A new player to the scene, Valhalla in Brunswick opened in September 2022. Owner Darcy Scanlan describes himself as ‘a veteran of both Afghanistan and the Melbourne drinking scene’, which probably gives some idea why he decided to open an axe-throwing venue!

Valhalla might be the most expensive axe-throwing venue in Melbourne when you first look at the list, but build in the fact each session is two hours long and you’ll soon reason it’s actually the best value.

Valhalla also has a bonus on site, a rage room! For $50 a person, you can choose from a baseball bat, sledgehammer or frying pan and head into a room with a crate full of crockery and smash until you feel better about your neighbour who always parks halfway along the front of the house meaning only one car will fit (not that I’m making this personal at all!).

Corner Peveril & Cameron Streets, Brunswick,
Opening Hours
Closed on Mondays
4pm-10pm Tues
1230pm-10pm Wed-Fri
10am-10pm Sat/Sun
60 mins a session
From $40, 2 for 1 available on Mondays

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Book an Axe Throwing Experience in Melbourne

book axe throwing melbourne

Everything You Need to Know About Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a simple sport.

Throw an axe at a wooden target from 12 foot, the most accurate person wins.

It’s a sport that’s growing in popularity, with axe-throwing venues popping up in cities from New York to London and, of course, our fair shores here in Melbourne.

When Was Axe Throwing Invented?

As a sport (it is of course, hard to trace the first man that decided chucking an axe against some wood was fun) it has been around since the early 1800s where lumberjacks used it as a way to relax in their downtime.

What Are the Rules?

According to the World Axe Throwing League website, each game consists of 10 throws, with up to 1-6 points awarded depending on how close you get to the centre of the target. There is also some complexity around Killshots, which are worth 8 points and have to be declared in advance, but can only be used twice in a match.

Either way accuracy is key!

Is Axe Throwing Safe?

Well the first thing I searched was ‘has anyone been killed axe throwing?’ and no-one has, so I guess that is reassuring!

Everything I’ve read suggests it is very safe – with briefings before hand, instructors around the venues and lanes designed to stop the axes bouncing off. There is some risk – I mean you’re chucking sharp metal around, you must have figured that already – but with all the precautions the venues take, it seems to be very safe.

Be aware though that venues will ask you to sign a waiver before hand which means you take on the ‘inherent risks’ of participating in the activity.

Are the Axes Heavy?

The axes generally range in weights like bowling bowls, from about 300g to 1kg.

Axe throwing is less about strength and more about technique.

Is There an Age Limit on Axe Throwing?

Yes – it is for 18+ or people 14-17 years old if their parent of guardian is present for the game and co-signs the waver.

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