7 Best Foods To Buy From 7-Eleven Japan

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We’ve become 7-Eleven addicts during our time in Japan.

They are on every corner, and make for inexpensive meals (we pay ¥18,000 or less for dinner for a family of three) or snacks.

The food is generally pretty good, but there are a few lines that have really stood out for us.

Here is our round-up of the best foods to buy at 7-Eleven in Japan.


The Reeves Roamed for 25 days through Japan, taking notes as we went. Our route was based on our typically thorough research, though we also found some surprises along the way. We only write about places we’ve actually been, so you can be confident that the details are first-hand.

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Grilled Rice Cakes With Chives

grilled rice cakes with chives at 7eleven japan

Top of the list of the best things to buy at 7-Eleven in Japan are these grilled rice cakes.

Pop them in a microwave for 60 seconds (or have the store do it for you) you’ll have four bite size snacks, packed full of vegetables and tastiness.

I’m not sure if they have lines stocked in certain areas, but we only seemed to be able to find these in Tokyo.

Minced Chicken Cutlet & Sauce

minced chicken cutlet at 7eleven japan

The Japanese bakery section is an absolute delight! I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s different to what we’re used to, but we worked our way through almost every shelf!

The highlight though is the savoury rolls – sometimes filled with sausages, sometimes pork, but the winner is the minced chicken cutlets with mayonnaise, they are the perfect snack and at less than ¥200! You can’t buy a sandwich for less than ¥600 in Australia.

Dars Chocolate

dars chocolate at 7 eleven japan

We spent a bit of time trying to find some chocolate that tasted like what we get back home, and Dars came in for the win!

For only ¥130 you get 12 cubes of chocolate, which are creamy and delicious.

We think this is the best regular chocolate we found in Japan, give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

Vitamin Jellies

mineral jellies at 7eleven japan

The first (kind of) healthy thing on this list.

I take magnesium supplements at home to help with sleep, so when I saw these on the shelf at 7-Eleven I had to grab some.

They are not what I expected. The consistency is jelly-like, with bits in it, and they taste somewhere between a Red Bull and a trifle, but they’re all good – and I can at least pretend they’re healthy.

Steamed Pork Buns

hot pork buns in a cabinet at 7eleven in japan

Hot, delicious bau buns.

What more is there to say?

They’re delicious.

Almondy Biscuits

biscuits at 7eleven japan 1

I’ve no idea what these actually are, and they weren’t available everywhere, but keep an eye out for them.

They have an almondy kind of taste, with the texture of a trifle sponge.

Onigiri Sushi

a shelf of triangular onigiri sushi at 7 eleven japan

If you can work out how to get into them (yes, I know there are numbered flaps, but I still struggle!), then the 7-Eleven onigiri are both yummy and cheap with some only ¥150.

Best flavours?

The salty pollock roe (not the spicy one) and tuna mayonaise were the best in out opinion.

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