Google Flight Tracker: How To Set Alerts To Track Prices

Google flights has a number of cool features built in which can help you save money, one of the most powerful of which is the ‘Track prices’ function.

You can see from this post, that there can be big fluctuations in the price of airfares with airlines often doing flash sales on certain routes to clear empty seats.

How Do I Track My Flight on Google?

There are three simple steps:

  1. Search for a route in Google Flights
  2. Click the ‘Track prices’ toggle below the filters
  3. Sign in to your Google account to get notifications

Please note this function only works if you are signed into a Google account, if you are not you won’t see this option.

Search For a Route in Google Flights

Here you can see I have search for a flight from London to New York for a random week in February.

tracking prices in google flights

Use the Track Prices Toggle to Get Google Flight Notifications

Click the toggle below the filters to get notifications for this route. Set all the filters you want in advance to make sure you are only get alerts for the exact flights you want (you can get all these tips in my complete guide, How To Use Google Flights: My Foolproof System To Fly Cheap).

google flights track price toggle

Sign in to get Google Flight Notifications

If you are not signed in to Google you will get this pop-up box when you click the toggle, asking you to sign in to Google.

sign in to google flights to get notifications

When you are signed in you will get this little black box at the bottom confirming your subscription.

google flights price changes

If you hit the blue ‘view’ link then it will take you through to the following hidden feature, which is incredibly useful, as it gives you an idea of when the prices changes on your chosen route over the last 90 days.

History doesn’t always repeat itself, but many flights will follow the same pattern whether it’s flash sales at certain times of year, or prices dropped to sell empty seats, or going up if the plane is filling up.

google flights price graph

Flight Alert Email

Once you’ve signed up for notifications you will then get an email whenever there is a price change.

For the example of the London to New York flight from above, the following day I got this notification by email, telling me the price had dropped by a further $115.

The key here is to get your filters accurate, so the updated flights are exactly what you need from a timing, stopovers and day perspective.

google flight price alert email

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Turning Off Google Flight Notifications

Turning off the notifications for Google Flights is easy.

The emails have two links at the bottom, one to unsubscribe from all email updates, one to manage price tracking.

link to turn off google flights emails

If you click on the ‘Manage price tracking’ link it will take you to the page below, where you can choose to delete the price alert or just remove the notification.

This is great if you’re managing multiple flights, as you can turn on or off notifications as you need them.

turning off google flights notifications
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