How to Get to My Son Sanctuary From Hoi An (In 2024)

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When we were in Hoi An, we knew we wanted to go over to My Son Sanctuary thanks to my obsession with UNESCO Heritage Sites. This was easier said than done though, with My Son Sanctuary over 40km by road from Hoi An, it wasn’t going to be a simple trip.

map my son sanctuary to hoi an

So, what is the best way to get to My Son Sanctuary from Hoi An?

In my opinion, the best way to get to My Son Sanctuary is either via a tour or a private driver. With many tours, you get entrance tickets and a guide included for not much more than transport costs. A private driver will be perfect if you want to look round by yourself, the information panels at My Son are very good.

Below we explore the different options and how to book each of them.

Book a Tour to My Son Sanctuary From Hoi An

my son sanctuary ruined buildings

There are lots of fantastic tours available from a mix of companies that will take you from Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary. Some can be combined with other experiences in the area.

Booking online takes the worry out of a tour, as you can read the reviews of people who’ve taken it beforehand and have a clear idea of what to expect.

Here are some of the best My Son Tours from Hoi An:

Book a Private Car

There are lots of options to choose from when booking a private car, with advertising all over Hoi An. You could also use a taxi company such as Grab, but you might find it difficult negotiating with them to stay whilst you are at the Sanctuary and costing around $25 each way.

One of my favourite travel tips is to join local Facebook groups when on the road, which give you access to a wealth of local knowledge.

It was through this we found the wonderful local driver Ben Lee, who charged us $35 to take us to My Son Sanctuary and waited while we looked around before (thankfully!) taking us back to Hoi An.

It was a great price and he was fantastic to chat to on the way, we learned lots about Vietnam from him and he was very proud of his country. His details are below, I’m not sure if he is still working in the area, let me know in the comments at the bottom of this post if he is.

ben lee

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Self Drive to My Son Sanctuary

I would not recommend hiring a car to go to My Son Sanctuary unless you are planning to do a multi-day trip through Central Vietnam. There are no car hire places in Hoi An, so you will need to hire from Da Nang Airport. The cost is around $100 for the day, so far more than booking a tour.

A cheaper option is to hire a scooter. Hoi An Bike Rental have scooters available from as cheap as $6 a day, though please, please, please get some insurance too. Take this as an example of why you shouldn’t try hiring abroad without insurance.

My favourite insurance provided is World Nomads Insurance, and you could get a quote for a week’s worth of insurance from them for only just over $50. Don’t take a risk here, believe me, I saved thousands of dollars in Laos after a car accident and World Nomads were incredible to deal with.

Take Public Transport

There are some public buses to and from Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary, but these don’t drop you at the gates, so it is not an efficient way to get there.

Instead, you can book in advance onto a shuttle bus from Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary which departs at 0830 and returns at 1345. It costs as little as $8, so a cheap option, though you still have to pay for entrance tickets.

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