La Buse Restaurant Visit & Review [Iles Des Palmes]

La Buse Restaurant is part of the Iles des Palmes Eco Resort.

It is located on the road out to Anse La Blague and has an amazing setting overlooking Baie St Anne. It is named after the famous pirate Olivier Le Vasseur who was nicknamed ‘La Buse’ and is rumoured to have buried treasure worth $250 million in the area!

La Buse Restaurant Review

We dropped in for lunch on a Sunday, having seen the sign for a restaurant from the road. It was about 2pm and the place was completely desert – not normally a good sign for a restaurant – but our fears turned out to be unfounded.

La Buse Restaurant - Panorama

The food was good and reasonably priced compared to some places in the Seychelles – we paid about 250Rs per main dish (£13.80). We tucked into a sirloin steak with a nice light peppercorn sauce and a traditional creole fish dish served up with steamed vegetables and rice.

La Buse Restaurant - Creole lunch

Whilst the food was good, the real reward here is the setting. This was our first full day on the island and La Buse restaurant is one of those places that really makes you realise you’re in paradise.

outdoor bar at la buse restaurant

An outdoor bar built in a traditional style stands over a turquoise green pool built into decking that leads out to the sea-front. The view from the restaurant is interrupted only by a few palm trees set at impossible angles over the ocean.

La Buse Restaurant - Looking back at the restaurant

The whole place is set in a calm oasis of colourful trees and bushes with only green geckos and the shocking red Aldabra Fody birds for company. We sat right at the front and enjoyed a cool breeze coming in from the sea whilst we read, had a couple of drinks and enjoyed our perfectly cooked meals.

As an added bonus there is a pen of giant tortoises about a 5 minute walk away from the car park, our first time seeing them on the island!

La Buse Restaurant - feeding the giant tortoises

If you are in this part of the island I would definitely recommend a stop off at La Buse restaurant to enjoy great food in an idyllic setting.

If you can’t picture it from the words above, hopefully my photos below will inspire you to pop in!


the reeves family picture


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