What is Mildura Famous For? [2024 Edition]

We recently took a trip to Mildura and I wanted to learn a bit about the city we were visiting, so tried to find out what the area was famous for.

There weren’t many articles covering the topic, so I thought I’d shared what I learned here.

So what is Mildura famous for?

Mildura is famous for sitting on the banks of the Murray River, which for many brings up images of the historic paddle steamers, once used for transport, now used for leisure. Its location by the river and temperature also make it perfect for fruit growing, and it has become famous for its citrus production.

In the rest of this post, I go into a bit more detail about the things Mildura is famous for.


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Citrus & Fruit Production

citrus growing in mildura

Mildura is known for its large citrus production because of the region’s great climate and a red, loamy fertile soil powered by many years of the Murray flooding.

Located in the Sunraysia region of Victoria, which has a dry, hot climate that is ideal for growing a variety of citrus fruit. The region receives plenty of sunshine and has a long growing season, which allows the citrus trees to thrive.

Mildura doesn’t just produce citrus though, it also grows (amongst other things) a number of varieties of grapes, avocados and almonds

The Murray River, which runs through Mildura, also plays a role in the region’s citrus production. The river provides a reliable source of irrigation water, which is how the city came to exist in the first place

The River

murrau river mildura

Mildura falls on the banks of Australia’s longest river – the Murray/Darling. The Murray is the lifeblood of Mildura, with the early economy based on a Californian-style immigration system put in place by the Chaffey Brothers, which allowed Mildura’s farming industry to flourish.

Paddle Steamers

paddle steamer mildura

Mildura is famous for its paddle steamers because of the role they played in the development and growth of the region. Mildura is situated along the Murray River, which has long been an important transportation route. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, paddle steamers were a common mode of transportation along the river used to transport various goods, including wool, wheat, timber, and livestock. They were able to navigate the shallow, winding sections of the river, making them ideal for transporting heavy loads.

Another reason that Mildura is known for its paddle steamers is because of the tourism industry that developed around them. Many people were drawn to the region to experience the beauty of the Murray River and the surrounding landscape, and paddle steamers became a popular way for tourists to explore the area. These vessels offered sightseeing tours, as well as transportation to and from various destinations along the river.

Today, Mildura is still home to several paddle steamers, which are used for both tourism and historical purposes. These vessels are an important part of the city’s history and continue to be a popular attraction for visitors.

Being Close to the Oldest Man (and Woman) in Australia

walls of china mungo national park

In the fantastic UNESCO Heritage Site of Mungo National Park, about 90 minutes from Mildura, the earliest human remains outside of Africa were found.

Jim Bowler, who was a young geologist studying ice age lakes, had the Williandra Lakes area recommended to him by a friend who had seen the formations whilst flying over on a plane.

On two expeditions here Jim found sets of bones – first of Mungo Lady, then of Mungo Man which were dated back 42,000 years, far older than previously thought for Australia, making this one of the most significant sites in the whole county, and earning it UNESCO statues in 1981.

If you’re interested in visiting Mungo National Park, check out my post – How To Get To Mungo National Park from Mildura.

The Sunniest and Hottest Place in Victoria

Mildura is famous for being the sunniest big town in Victoria, but it also has recorded the hottest temperature, a sweltering 50.7 degrees centigrade, in January 1906.

American Streets

When the Chaffey Brothers came over to Australia at the request of Alfred Deakin to develop an irrigation system to support food production after a number of droughts, they also brought with them something else that was a nod to home, the road system.

The streets running east-west were given numerical names 1st to 21st Streets) and avenues which ran north-south were given North American names such as San Mateo and Ontario. 

It’s a curiosity you’ll still see in Mildura today.

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