Is Popeye Village Worth a Visit? 6 Fun Reason It Is

Popeye Village was part of the film set for Popeye, a 1980 musical movie starring the late Robin Williams and was filmed right here in Malta.

The town of Sweethaven was created from nothing, with breakwaters built in the bay and wood imported from Canada to create the buildings. It was reclaimed by the locals after filming was completed and turned into the family-friendly attraction ‘Popeye Village’ you can visit today.

I have happy childhood memories of this movie, so we headed over for the day to find our if Popeye Village is worth visiting.

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Is Popeye Village Worth Visiting?

popeye village film set

Yes, Popeye Village is worth visiting. It’s a fun place with numerous activities, that allows you to see how much effort used to go into creating film sets, whilst learning about the movie.

Its charming, colourful set, is a memorable experience that appeals to film enthusiasts, families, and photographers alike. While it might not cater to everyone’s tastes, particularly those seeking a more traditional cultural experience, its blend of scenic beauty, interactive activities, and educational insights into the making of the Popeye film make it a memorable attraction for a diverse range of visitors.

Here are five of the biggest reasons for visiting.

1) Stepping into a real-life film set

two people walking down the street at popeye village in malta

Stepping into Popeye Village you feel like an actor starting work for the day. So many of today’s movies are filmed in front of green screens, with the world built on a computer afterwards.

Not so back in the late 1970s when constructing the set for Popeye started. In fact it actually took more time to build the set than it did to film the movie itself! Now that’s commitment to your cause….

2) Instagram perfect photos

instagram image of popeye village in malta

The bright colours, larger than life buildings and mint green waters make Popeye Village the perfect spot to light up your Instagram account. It is almost impossible to take a bad photo here!

There are two great places to get a shot of the full village. The first is down by the crazy golf course at the foot of the cliffs. The second and most iconic view is actually outside the village. Take a quick wander up the road to the right as you leave and you’ll get perfect views down over Sweethaven from the opposite clifftop.

3) Tasty (and affordable) food

Popeye's Bedroom - Popeye Village, Malta
We didn’t take any food photos, so here’s Popeye’s bedroom instead!!

Stop and refuel at ‘Tipsy and Son’s Winery’ which is about halfway up the main street of the village. Big wedges of cake at €2 were the order of the day for us, enjoyed on a raised deck in the sunshine looking out over the bay.

Unfortunately, we didn’t take any photos of the mega cakes, so you’ll have to make do with a piccy of Popeye’s bedroom instead!

4) Free Mini Golf!

Mini Golf, Popeye Village

When you have a mini-golf obsessed wife like I do, you get fairly used to working your holidays around finding the best local course.

Most attractions make you pay extra to play, what a nice surprise for this one to be thrown in as a free bonus!

5) Sitting and watching the movie

watching the popeye village movie
Sitting down and watching the movie

After becoming so familiar with the set my brain went searching deep into its archives to try and remember details of the Popeye movie.

I hadn’t seen it for years!

There are a couple of places in Popeye Village where the film is playing, so take a weight off for a while and settle down to the rather surreal experience of watching a movie filmed in the place you are watching it!

6) A Great Variety of Activities

a man behind a popeye sign
My best Popeye impression

There are plenty of different activities you can do whilst you’re here:

  • Boat Rides: Visitors can enjoy a scenic boat ride around the stunning Anchor Bay, offering unique views of the village from the water and the opportunity to see the bay’s crystal-clear waters up close.
  • Mini-Golf: A fun, themed mini-golf course is available for families and visitors of all ages to enjoy, adding a playful and competitive element to the visit.
  • Water Trampolines: Positioned in the bay, these water trampolines provide a thrilling activity for kids and adults alike, allowing visitors to bounce and play on the water.
  • Sunbathing Decks: For those looking to relax, the village offers sunbathing decks where visitors can unwind and soak up the Mediterranean sun with a beautiful view of the bay.
  • Live Shows: Popeye Village hosts live performances and shows that bring the characters and stories of Popeye to life, offering entertainment and engaging experiences for visitors.
  • Character Meet and Greets: Walking around the village, visitors can meet and interact with characters from the Popeye universe, providing memorable moments and photo opportunities.
  • Animation Shows: The village also features animation shows and workshops that entertain and educate visitors about animation and storytelling.
  • Film History Exhibitions: For those interested in the making of the Popeye movie, the village offers exhibitions and displays that delve into the film’s production, set design, and history.

Popeye Village Visitor Information


  • Nov to Mar: 0930-1630
  • Apr to Jun/Sep to Oct: 0930-1930
  • Jul to Aug: 0930-1900


There are lots of packages available which vary depending on the time of year.

An average summer ticket is €15 for adults and €11 for kids.

An average winter ticket is €11 for adults and €9 for kids.

You can book your tickets in advance here, or combine a trip to Popeye Village with a larger tour of Malta.

You can even charter a boat (for around 100 Euros) which will take you on a 2.5 journey around the island, including a stop at Popeye Village.

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