Praslin Waterfall: Exact Location Of This Hidden GemPraslin Waterfall

Hidden away about 200m from the Vallée De Mai National Park is the wonderful little secret of Praslin Waterfall.

I do use the world ‘secret’ a little loosely here (I’m not sure I’d want my secrets appearing on Google Maps) however it seems to be a rarely talked about little gem.

It is not mentioned in any of the guidebooks I read, does not appear on any of the websites highlighting things to do on Praslin and doesn’t even have a sign telling visitors where it is. It seems in a world of beautiful beaches this little waterfall has been forgotten about. 

How To Find Praslin Waterfall

Well it is fairly easy.

A quick search will bring it up on a map but even then it’s hard to locate in the real world.

We drove past, missing it twice, before parking up and searching on foot.

We parked up by the waterworks that are on the left as you approach from the Grand Anse side of the island.

There are only a few spaces here but we rarely saw anyone parked up whilst we were on the island.

After that, it is a 100m or so walk up the hill to the waterfall. There is no obvious entrance but you will see the sign below and find a little footpath which you can scramble down.

After avoiding the buses, on the road the danger was not quite yet finished.

It is quite a steep scramble down to the waterfall and all the trunks that are ideally positioned to help support you are protected by vicious-looking black spikes.

Praslin Waterfall - Black spiky trees!

A Secluded Gem

We made it unscathed but the effort was worth it.

This is a secluded gem in the middle of the rainforest and we were completely alone.

In a clearing of the trees, the waterfall dropped down from a couple of stories high. It had been dry for the time we’d been in Seychelles so the flow of water was relatively minor but it was enough to create its own little oasis.

The palms and ferns around were succulent, the mist in the air was creating rainbows in the sunlight that had found a route through the leaves above.

We hopped across the slippery rocks over the stream that carried on down the hill and tried to find the best spot for photos. Praslin Waterfall is not an easy location to get a snap of.

The bright sky contrasted against the darker forest below and the moisture in the air meant most of the photos were streaked with light. We persevered and came away with a few good shots between us.

Visiting Praslin Waterfall

If you’re on Praslin Island and are looking for somewhere a bit different to head out to then I’d highly recommend Praslin Waterfall.

You won’t need more than half an hour here but it’s definitely worth a stop-off on the way to Vallée De Mai. I’m still not sure why it’s seldom mentioned. Granted it’s no Niagara or Victoria Falls but it is a charming and tranquil little hideaway that’s well worth a bit of your time. 

But shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone else 😉


Praslin Waterfall - Ben


the reeves family picture


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