Zimbabwe | The Highest & most Picturesque spot on Praslin Island

If you’ve got a hire car and are in the Anse Lazio area of Praslin Island I would suggest a drive up to Grand Fond, also known as Zimbabwe to the locals. Even if you’re not, the island is not too big and the reward for heading up here is massive!

It is the highest point on the island and gives fantastic views over the east of Praslin and looking out to Curiuese Island.

Make your way up some of the steepest roads on the island and marvel at the views opening up around you. Unlike the mountainous roads through the centre and south of the islands, the road to Zimbabwe is outside the Praslin Nature Reserve so is not enclosed by trees. This means you get spectacular, panoramic views unlike anywhere else on Praslin.

Unfortunately, the road comes to an end not at a viewing point but a large set of mesh gates, meaning you have to turn round and head back down. The best views are had by finding the wider sections of road and pulling over, but be extra careful to lock on that handbrake!

This also seems to also be a popular area for the famous Seychelles Blue Pigeon, so keep and eye out for them when you are out of your car.

The drive up to Zimbabwe and back down again is no longer than 15 minutes (depending on stop offs) but well worth it to get a slightly different perspective on Praslin Island.


Where To Find Zimbabwe Viewpoint

Zimbabwe viewpoint is to the northwest of Praslin Island.

It is marked on the map below with a green star, along with the other places and articles I have on the site about Seychelles.

Zimbabwe Viewpoint - Curieuse Island
Curieuse Island
Zimbabwe Viewpoint - Blue Pigeons Over There
Blue Pigeons over there….
Zimbabwe Viewpoint - Handbrake On!
Handbrake On!
Zimbabwe Viewpoint - Handbrake On!
Zimbabwe Viewpoint
Little St Pierre Island with Grans Soeur and Felicite in the background
Edge of Curieuse Island


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