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On this page you will find links through to all of my travel information – from tips and planning guides through to destinations and country guides.


I have a complete destinations page for you to explore if you’re looking for some inspiration, but here are some of countries in which I have travelled most extensively:

Australia Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide
Malta Travel Guide
Laos Travel Guide
Vietnam Travel Guide
Seychelles Travel Guide

Travel Tips

General Tips
19 Alternative Travel Tips I Use On Every Trip
31 Travel Tips From Experienced Travellers
UNESCO Heritage Sites (The Best Must-Visit List Ever?)
9 Benefits of Travelling as a Hobby
Is Travel the Only Thing You Buy That Makes You Richer?
75 Ideas For Your Next Vacation

A Simple Technique to Shrink Your Travel Packing Time
Everything We Took for 3 Months in SE Asia

8 Basic Yoga Poses to Keep You Flexible While Travelling

How to Travel the World Without Being Rich
The Best Travel Savings Account [USA Edition]
9 Ways to Make Money While Travelling
Travel Calculator: Discover Your Long-Term Travel Budget
8 Tips to Stay Financially Stable During Long-Term Travel

Flight Tips
Can You Leave the Airport During a Layover? [Yes, Here’s How]
What Happens if You Don’t Show Up For a Flight?
Tips For Using Google Flights To Fly Cheaply
Can You Bring a Pocket Knife On a Plane?
Can You Bring Glass On a Plane? (Yes, Here’s the Rules)

Hotel Tips
Do You Have To Check Out Of a Hotel?

Travel Planning Guides

In this section you will find guides to help you plan your trips more effectively:

Using Travel Blogs To Plan Your Trips
35 Things To Do Before Travelling Abroad [Checklist]
How To Find The Visa Requirements For Any Country
4 Way To Quickly Learn a Language Before You Travel
100+ Travel Resources for Simple, Cheap & Safe Travel

Adventure Stories

Love a good story?

Us too!

Here are some our my favourite adventures from the last 10 years:

Also have a read of:
13 Short, Funny Travel Stories – Guaranteed to Cheer You Up

Photography Tips

Photography Packing List: The Best Kit for Long-Term Travel
Take Better iPhone Photos: 5 Tips to Become an Insta-Legend
How I Bought a Camera & Learned To Use It On Manual

Gear and Tech

We all love gear! Here are some of my favourite products, plus tips for the tech I use when on the road.

Our Favourite Travel Gear From 15 Years of Travel (Over 30 Recommendations)
38 Great Gifts for Someone Going Travelling
Best Lightweight Hiking Gear for Long-Term Travel

8 Must-Have Apps for Travel in Southeast Asia

Best Travel Books

The Lonely Planet Guides are simply the best books for huge amounts of information in a small space. We grab one for every country we visit and use them to build our routes. The only downside is the lack of imagery, so if you are a more visual person I would suggest the Eyewitness Travel Guides as they contain a lot more photos, maps an illustrations along with great info.

The World forms the basis of my country list. It has the highlights of every country on Earth and never fails to inspire me!

The World (Lonely Planet)
  • Hardcover Book
  • Planet, Lonely (Author)

When it comes to travel writers Paul Theroux and Bill Bryson are my favourites. Paul’s ability to describe characters on his journies is simply incredible and Bill is just hilarious! I have visited many places based just on the stories these two have told. Start with The Great Railway Bazaar for Paul Theroux and Notes From A Small Island for Bill Bryson.

The Great Railway Bazaar
  • Theroux, Paul (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
Notes From a Small Island
  • Bryson Bill (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Latest Travel Tips

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